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By coordinating activities of early career ecologists in one place, INNGE will work to establish better communication between people involved in their national or regional ecological societies (Figure 1). Knowing how other groups of ecologists are growing the field of ecology will help to expand the goals of each ecological society and will aid in inspiring new activities (Figure 2). The ultimate goal of INNGE is to spur the enactment of these new activities by forming a worldwide network of young scientists.

Figure 1

Figure 2

INNGE hopes to be a network where early career ecologists can go to seek advice on international topics in ecology and particularly in cases where the early career section of their own national societies may have limited knowledge or experience. While there are quite a few established bodies of communication that provide an overview of career opportunities at the national and regional scale, it is hard to find a forum focused on international opportunities like international education programs, open job positions, and travel grants. INNGE wants to build the first such forum directed at and run by early career ecologists. INNGE specifically aims to:

  1. Enhance
    • International knowledge about ecological topics
    • The ability to build academic networks for early career scientists locally and regionally
  2. Foster
    • Cross-continental initiatives between ecological societies and their early career ecologists
    • Local stewardship and sustainability efforts via global coordination
  3. Communicate
    • On-going initiatives from ecological societies to ecologists in other parts of the world so as to ensure synergy and avoid unnecessary redundancy
    • International career opportunities for early career ecologists
    • Across disciplines, by engaging with networks of early career researchers in other areas of study

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