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Working Group

At this point INNGE activities are coordinated by a working group, made up of ecologists based on six continents. This group is made up of members of the governing board as well as volunteers from the general membership. We are also grateful to who have served in the working group or on the governing board in the past.

Executive Board:

  • Chair: Peter Søgaard Jørgensen
  • Vice-ChairsRachel White and Nalaka Geekiyanage
  • Secretary: Rachel Hale
  • TreasurerRoberto-Salguero Gomez

Interest Group Leads:

  • Membership coordinationJorge Ramos, Rachel White
  • Conference coordinationAlexa Sutton, Shishir Paudel
  • Interdisciplinary group coordinatorAlice C Hughes, Carly Ziter
  • Open science group coordinationTimothee Poisot
  • Early-career group coordinationHari Sridhar, David Chiawo, Angee Doerr
  • Fundraising coordination: Laureano Gherardi, Alexandra Sutton, Rob Salguero-Gomez, Rachel White
  • Non-profit sector integration: Laura Irvine

Communications group:

  • Webmaster: Naupaka Zimmerman
  • Newsletter editors: Nalaka Geekiyanage, Heather Campbell
  • Blog editor: Pawel Waryszak
  • Social media (twitter, facebook) editorAngee Doerr
  • Wiki editors: Timothée Poisot, Naupaka Zimmerman, Martin Jung
  • Video channel editor: Nalaka Geekiyanage
  • Calendar editor: Julia Clause

Working Group Members


Governing Board

Post-Doc at Laboratory of Trophic Ecology, Department of Environmental Biology, “Sapienza University of Rome” in Rome, Italy

My research interests deal with the trophic-dynamic aspects of population and community ecology along environmental gradients, as a means to investigate the relationship between disturbance, biodiversity organization, and persistence mechanisms in an ever-changing world. I am particularly interested in the role of disturbance and both trophic and competing interactions in the structuring of ecological communities and ecological processes, including food web structure, nutrient transfer, community stability and robustness to biodiversity loss in aquatic ecosystems, both in Mediterranean and Polar regions. 

Julia Clause picture
Governing Board

Formerly University of Rouen & Société Française d’Ecologie

I’m a soil ecologist and agroecologist. My research interests focus on soil biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides (large subject!), aboveground-belowground interactions, invertebrate-plant interactions, mostly in grasslands. My background in agroecology made me very interested in agroecosystems and participatory approaches. I am keen to develop that and to use participatory tools for INNGE workshops in the future.

Georgina Conti picture
Governing Board

Post-Doc at Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal (IMBIV-CONICET), Córdoba, Argentina

My main research focus is on the ecosystem dynamics of subtropical seasonally dry forests of central Argentina. I started to work on functional ecology studying the links between functional diversity and ecosystem processes which makes me increasingly interested in belowground processes and biogeochemistry. Now I am more involved in projects focused on studying the effect of land use changes on plant-soil relationship and organic matter dynamics from a functional perspective.

Angee Doerr picture

California Council for Science and Technology (CCST) Science and Policy Fellow &

I am currently serving as a CCST Science & Policy Fellow with the California Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee. Prior to beginning this Fellowship, I studied at the University of California--Davis, where I earned my in PhD in Ecology, focusing on environmental policy and natural resource management. My dissertation examined the Spiny Lobster fishery in The Bahamas, and included marine ecology, environmental policy, and resource economics. In addition to my PhD, I have a MBA and a BSci in Environmental Science. More information can be found on .

Nalaka Geekiyanage picture
Governing Board: Vice-Chair

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka; Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Japan;

I am a Plant Functional Ecologist and my research focuses on drought tolerance and survival of tropical tree species. I am also interested in monitoring long-term forest plots in tropical forests for carbon dynamics. I enjoy spending my extremely limited free time to foster the aims of in-jee. Read more on .

Laureano Gherardi picture

School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, USA & &

I am an Ecosystem Ecologist interested in the effects of climate change on ecosystem functioning. The main objective of my dissertation research is to study how interannual variability of precipitation affects patterns of primary production. In my research, I combine manipulative field experiments with analyses of existing long term data and modeling efforts.

Rachel Hale picture

Governing Board: Secretary

Marine Biology and Ecology Research Group, School of Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton and British Ecological Society

I am a UK based marine benthic ecologist. I recently completed my PhD at the University of East Anglia and am now based at the University of Southampton in the Marine Biology and Ecology Research Group. My research interests lie in the community ecology of invertebrates and the response of these communities and the surrounding ecosystem to changes in their environment. I try to combine field and laboratory experiments to gain both an ecosystem wide and mechanistic view of important ecological processes.

Alice C. Hughes picture

Centre for Integrative Conservation, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences

My research focuses on trying to understand the potential effects of environmental change on the distribution and diversity of Southeast Asian species across extended timescales. I try to integrate a number of approaches and methodologies, including predictive, empirical and molecular approaches to gain a more holistic understanding of the processes underlying present biodiversity patterns, and using this to extrapolate forwards under potential environmental change scenarios.

Laura Irvine picture

Governing Board

Wildlife Conservation Society, Nicaragua Marine Program Pearl Cays/Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

I am a marine ecologist working on various aspects of sea turtle research and conservation in Central America, specifically with hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) at the moment. I research population biology, migration, nesting behaviour and habitat use of sea turtles in neo-tropical areas, and also help contribute to effective management of local protected areas and resources through active community participation and engagement.

Martin Jung picture

Governing Board

University of Sussex (UK) & British Ecological Society

I am a macroecologist widely interested in global change and conservation biology. I am currently a PhD researcher at the University of Sussex, where I am researching temporal dynamics of land systems and their links to observed and projected biodiversity patterns. I am very much interested in contributing to a more open and fairer science community as well as investigating new ways of how research results can best be translated into action. More information on .

Peter Søgaard Jørgensen picture
Governing Board: Chair

Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

I study the macroecological response of biological populations to global environmental change and solutions that increase sustainability of biological systems under environmental change, such as those of applied evolutionary biology. I recently handed in my PhD thesis at the University of Copenhagen working on common breeding bird time series Europe and North America. I'm active member of a couple ecological societies including the Danish Oikos Society.

Masatoshi Katabuchi picture
Governing Board

JPSP Postdoctoral Fellow for Research Abroad, Department of Biology, University of Florida

I am interested in the mechanisms that determine patterns of species distributions. Specifically, my research focuses on understanding seedling dynamics and community assembly in tropical tree communities, and spatial patterns of functional diversity. I use plant functional traits and null models to address these questions. I am also searching new functional traits that represent leaf functional variation in carbon-cycle models.

Shishir Paudel picture

Department of Natural Resources Ecology and Management Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK

I am a plant ecologist and invasion biologist. Broadly defined, my research interests lie in plant community ecology and invasion biology in various ecosystems, including coastal wetlands and Channel Islands. As a postdoc, I am currently working on invasive earthworms and ecological effects (community structure an diversity of plants, including endemic and endangered species) in historically earthworm free Channel Island in California.

Timothée Poisot picture
Governing Board

University of Canterbury &

Tim is a post-doctoral scientist at the University of Canterbury. His research is focused on understanding the variation of species interaction networks over ecological and evolutionary times. He is also invested in the open science working group of INNGE.

Roberto Salguero-Gómez picture
Governing Board: Treasurer

The University of Queensland (Australia), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) & Max Planck Society (Germany) &

I am an evolutionary biologist and population ecologist with interests on desert ecology, biodemography and animal and plant comparative biology, evolution of senescence, and plant ecophysiology.

Hari Sridhar picture
Governing Board

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Currently, I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. My main research interest lies in understanding the formation of multi-species social groups and heterospecific associations, and their influence on community organization. I also teach a course on birds at Azim Premji University, Bangalore and serve as an editor for the magazine Current Conservation.

Alexandra Sutton picture

Duke University, NC, USA

I'm a doctoral student in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, working with Dr. Stuart Pimm on predator conservation in East Africa. As a conservationist, I seek out sustainable solutions to human-wildlife conflict that allow big carnivores to share a landscape with their human neighbors. As a researcher, I'm deeply invested in understanding best practices in conservation biology, and I wholeheartedly support efforts to establish evidence-based conservation as a standard worldwide. I'm also fascinated by the challenge of wildlife reintroduction and its role in the preservation of global biodiversity. And as a social entrepreneur, I'm the founder of Kedge Conservation (), which works to build business capacity and conservation literacy in rural Africa.

Pawel Waryszak picture

at Murdoch University & in Western Australia.

I am interested in many aspects of life on Earth with a strong leaning towards plant sciences. Currently, I am studying the topsoil seed bank ecology and its role in Mediterranean-type ecosystem restoration. See more info on .

Rachel L. White picture
Governing Board: Vice-Chair

University of Brighton, , and the .

I am an ecologist and conservation scientist with a passion for ornithology. My research interests are broad yet related, encompassing: large-scale ecology, patterns and drivers of trait variation and extinction risk, and conservation biogeography. I enjoy working with large datasets and natural history collections.

Marten Winter picture
Governing Board

German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research, Germany.

Generally I'm a wildlife and macroecologist now coordinating sDiv, the synthesis centre of iDiv, the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research. The sDiv work includes the mentoring and supervision of Postdocs in my team and many non-scientific tasks. As a scientist I work on large scale patterns of species invasions, on assessing effects of global change on different biodiversity facets, and its implications for ecosystem functioning. I’m interested in how to move on with conserving those facets in a real world. I’m involved as an author in IPBES and I’m a speaker in the International Synthesis Consortium.

Naupaka Zimmerman picture
Governing Board, Webmaster

Univeristy of Arizona, USA &

Broadly, I am working towards a better understanding of the intersection between microbial community and ecosystem ecology. I am currently focusing on these ideas in the context of foliar endophytic fungal communities. I'm also interested in the cultural context of scientific research and science education.

Carly Ziter picture

University of Wisconsin Madison

I am a Canadian ecologist, primarily interested in the intersection of ecosystem services, biodiversity, and landscape ecology. I have recently begun my PhD at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where I am researching the effects of multiple environmental stressors on ecosystem services in Wisconsin. Prior to this, my MSc work at McGill University focused on the effects of temperate forest fragmentation on tree biodiversity and carbon storage. In addition to research, I am interested in issues facing women in science, as well as in science outreach and communication - particularly via social media.

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